Our mission is simple:
Make the Internet a safer place for everyone

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our story

Where do we come from?

Thibault & Philippe, 2 of CrowdSec founders, used to work in high security hosting, which was kind of a new field back in the 2010’s. They designed a stack of protection which would also block IPs that made violations.

One day, one of their clients, a famous sports-oriented e-commerce shop was under attack. It was not a real problem since it was protected by a robust stack, but the hacker used more than 3,000 IP addresses to try to aggress the website. At this exact moment came this idea that would be the genesis of CrowdSec.

“What if we share those IPs with our peers and colleagues in the industry? That would cripple this hacker’s operations even further right?”

This was the starting point of a long journey, involving a lot of great minds into designing a lightweight product, Waze-like, that would not only block attacks but also share IPs with all its user community.

“Safer together” was born. The team started to gather around this idea that instead of being isolated sitting ducks, waiting to be picked one by one by the enemy, we could rather organize a sort of Internet neighborhood watch.

our Culture
We drink
our own potion.
Do we use our product ? Not just at work, but as home as well ? Of course we do!
We make things super simple
A community is a big thing to start, to care for, a great responsibility. But it also gives you strength, a sense of purpose. If you are facing an issue, personal or professional, we are here for you. So is the community. So be there for them, for us, for yourselves.
with you. We are
We have one mission and one only. We don’t intend any time soon to provide side services, integration, compliance, training, or whatever else. We are an open-source security software editor. Being good at it means there is close to no space for any other mission.
. We want our team
to become the next generation
We love, we train. CrowdSec is a company founded by people with more than 50 combined years of entrepreneurship experience. We want to share it, make our team the next generation of entrepreneurs. We hold training sessions to take them always further. This company's members will be your investors someday!

Open-source can
make money ethically!

At CrowdSec, we hire very skilled people and we like them to be dedicated to our mission: making the Internet a safer place for everyone.

How to solve the equation of a solution that should be open source and free, for the greatest number to benefit from it, but at the same time pay our people well?

We had to find a clean, respectful business model, that would make us sustainable, while being fair towards the people making the solution stronger: our community.

crowdsec manifesto
crowdsec manifesto
crowdsec manifesto
crowdsec manifesto

Our Manifesto

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Cybercrimininals use compromised machines’ IP addresses to stay anonymous. But by teaming together, Sysadmins, Devops & Secops can outnumber them and burn all their precious masks. That is the essence of CrowdSec: a collaborative Cyber Security effort to secure the Internet, our countries, companies, institutions,privacies, personal data. All together.

“Throughout a couple of decades working in cyber security, we could realize the following: individuals and SMBs need robust security the most and are the ones that get it the least. We wanted to fix that issue and also bring a collaborative aspect to security so people and companies could have each other’s backs. Because security should be accessible to everyone.”

small picture of the crowdsec team
The Crowdsec team

Automation of hacking, “HackOps”, led to a mass-scale, continuous stream of attacks, representing more than 80% of breaches. Nowadays, an IP is scanned more than 1000 times per day, and a very high number of hacks occurs every day worldwide. Even with hundreds of millions of dollars in Cybersec investment, banks and industry leaders still failed to defeat hackers. How on earth could an SMB business succeed then?

Well, the game is rigged. Criminals benefit from a very asymmetrical game and advantageous position. They only have to succeed once, they choose when to attack you, and attacking you cost them close to nothing since they use stolen resources and primarily free tools. In the meantime, with servers to run, deployment, compliance, maintenance, budgets required to acquire licenses, the complexity on the defender side is exceptionally high.

At CrowdSec, we think the only viable option is to outnumber cybercriminals through a collaborative cybersecurity effort. We provide the tool, and you empower everyone by using it. The best part? It’s free. Forever. Period.

We are a community. Our digital fates are linked. Let’s team up to make the Internet safer, together.

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Everyone is valued equally, regardless of our salaries, positions, and career paths.

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We are full y transparent with each other and don't wait until anything becomes a problem.

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We promote a positive work culture in which everyone's opinion is respected. We are honest, helpful and we care.

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Freedom & trust

We allow our team members to work from wherever they feel like and trust them to deliver.

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We onboard new family members with a dedicated welcome kit and a mentor to hit the ground running and feel at ease from day 1.

If our culture matches your personal guidelines, maybe you can help us in our mission !