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ingress traffic vs egress traffic
Proactive Cybersecurity

Securing Ingress Traffic Vs. Egress Traffic: A Retrospective

In this article, we shed some light on the ingress traffic vs. egress traffic paradigm and how CISO’s focus shifted from securing servers to securing users.

scalecommerce plummets operational costs and skyrockets efficiency with crowdsec
Use Case

ScaleCommerce Uses CrowdSec to Plummet Operational Costs and Skyrocket Efficiency

ScaleCommerce, a leading provider of high-performance and secure online shop solutions, uses CrowdSec to reduce operational costs and supercharge efficiency.

Understanding the Importance of Threat Intelligence Data Collection
Proactive Cybersecurity

Understanding the Importance of Threat Intelligence Data Collection

The collection of threat data is one of the most crucial stages, if not the most crucial, of the threat intelligence lifecycle. The quality of the data collected at this stage will define all the following stages. With low-quality, inaccurate, or undiversified data, the subsequent analysis will produce inaccurate results, leading to ineffective or even […]