Block Mass Exploitation Attempts Before They Reach Your Perimeter

Get immediate protection against active malicious IPs with CrowdSec’s actionable and real-time Blocklists.

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Not Just Another Blocklist

  • Overblocking IPs?

    Honeypots and third-party blocklists provide insufficient updates, resulting in cleared IPs remaining on blocklists and new infections taking longer to be added.

    With a 5% daily rotation on average, you won’t get any of that with CrowdSec.

  • High False Positives?

    We shield our data against false positives and poisoning using a combination of methods, including:

    • Reporter trust score and diversity
    • Machine profiling
    • Cross-checking data sources to guarantee information consistency
    • and more…
  • No VPN/Residential Proxy Detection?

    An efficient blocklist offers more than just a list of unwanted IPs.

    We employ behavior analysis on the data collected from the CrowdSec Network to provide you with ultra-curated lists — DDoS, botnets, VPNs, residential proxies, and more — to equip you with the intelligence you need to safeguard your services.

  • Infrequent Updates?

    CrowdSec Blocklists offer an average of 5% daily rotation of IPs.

    They are updated in real time and at top priority, providing you with fresh and relevant data daily and ensuring that the list of IPs you feed to your firewall is never out of date.

CrowdSec Blocklists Are Unique


False Positives


Protection Against Data Poisoning


Daily Rotation

Wondering how we collect, analyze, and curate data?

Learn more about our data

The Crowd-Powered Intelligenceof the CrowdSec Blocklists

Blocking any and all aggressive IPs is a solid option. But blocking IPs based on unwanted behaviors that have the potential to harm your infrastructure, gives you greater flexibility and targeted protection for your perimeter.

WordPress Blocklist

WordPress Blocklist

Contains IPs known for attacking WordPress environments. If you are using WordPress for your business or eCommerce website (WooCommerce), it is a safe bet that proactively blocking these IPs will save you from a lot of trouble.

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VPN/Residential Proxies Blocklist

VPN/Residential Proxies Blocklist

Contains IPs that have been identified by our AI-powered data analysis as VPN or residential proxy users, often seen performing scalping and generic fraud actions. Proactively block these IPs if you do not want these users reaching your infrastructure.

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Botnet/DDoS Blocklist

Botnet/DDoS Blocklist

Contains IPs that have been identified as being part of a botnet, often seen in mass- scale attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service. Proactively block these IPs for an overall safer perimeter.

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Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

Reaping the benefits of proactive security without having to change a thing to your existing infrastructure is one of the biggest advantages of the CrowdSec Blocklists.

Log in to the CrowdSec ConsoleGet Started
Subscribe to the blocklist you need
Grab your private URL or API key for the selected blocklist
Integrate CrowdSec Blocklist into your firewall or CDN

Use the CrowdSec Blocklistswith Any Firewall or CDN

The CrowdSec Blocklists integrate with a large number of tools, making your security ecosystem more powerful and efficient.

  • AWS Network FirewallAWS Network Firewall
  • Azure FirewallAzure Firewall
  • (GCP) Network Firewall(GCP) Network Firewall
  • CloudflareCloudflare
  • MikroTik RouterOSMikroTik RouterOS
  • Windows FirewallWindows Firewall
  • Palo AltoPalo Alto
  • FortinetFortinet
  • Check PointCheck Point