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The free Community CTI API Key is now available!

Discover the new CrowdSec Community API Key that allows you to query our global CTI database. Similarly to the recent “Public Search Bar” release, you will be able to get insights about an IP’s malicious activity detected by our network, but this time with other tools outside of the CrowdSec Console. Enrich your prevention or forensics analysis with CrowdSec’s Cyber Threat Intelligence, with details about the type of attack this IP performed, its aggressiveness, period of activity, targeted countries, and much more!

The highly requested Community API Key is now available for all those who wish to try our CTI data outside of the CrowdSec Console. You can now query our global CTI database with other tools such as SEKOIA.IO, TheHive, MISP, OpenCTI, and many more (see full list at the bottom of article + link to documentation on each of them as well as the integrations coming soon)!

What does the Community API Key allow you to do? 

With the community key, you’ll be able to request information up to 50 times a day on this endpoint: https://cti.api.crowdsec.net/v2/smoke/{ip}.

For example, our friends over at SEKOIA.IO have created a playbook with the possibility to add CrowdSec's CTI to enrich your alerts and gather more information on the IPs attacking your systems. We have also worked on creating integrations for other platforms such as TheHive, MISP, and OpenCTI. You can read all the details about those integrations here

The type of data you can get from CrowdSec cyber threat intelligence are: 

  • IP & IPrange
  • Autonomous System
  • Country of origin
  • First and last sighting
  • Classification & attacks its known for
  • Top targeted countries
  • Aggressiveness overall 

How to begin using the Community API Key?

From your free CrowdSec Console account you can generate an API within the settings panel (API documentation here).

List of our current and upcoming CTI integrations

✨ Coming soon

  • DataDog
  • QRadar
  • Splunk SIEM

…And many more: feel free to get in touch with us via Discord to share your use cases and collaborate on integrating CrowdSec in your tools of choice!

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