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CrowdSec announces €14M in Series A funding to combat cybercrime

Today, I am happy to announce that CrowdSec has closed a €14M Series A round led by Supernova Invest and accompanied by CrowdSec’s historic investor, Breega. Our ambition with this round is to combat cybercrime by strengthening our position as the world’s largest crowdsourced CTI network in the world. 

After spending more than 20 years in cyber security, I have witnessed firsthand that despite billions of dollars being spent annually on high-tech cybersecurity systems, global cybercrime has always been an increasingly pervasive problem with hundreds of thousands of daily attacks on consumers, corporations, and countries. The history of cybersecurity has proved isolated defenses to be largely ineffective, regardless of the vast resources invested by companies, institutions and governments.

We started the CrowdSec project in 2020 with a simple but powerful idea: enable community action by providing a participative solution to federate the cyber defender community and leverage our core advantage over bad guys. Demographically speaking, cybercriminals are outnumbered tens of thousands to one by legitimate Internet users, all of whom can now join forces to protect themselves and each other, by using CrowdSec.

They can use this open-source and collaborative security engine to detect and block malicious IP addresses. While sharing IP data with the rest of the community, ensuring mutual protection. Doing so generates a real-time, false positive proof, crowd-sourced threat intelligence system that can cripple cybercrime's number 1 resource: public IP address pools. 

Less than 3 years after the beginning of this adventure, we count over 120,000 installations in 175 countries, with adopters including governments, major e-commerce actors, media and financial institutions, armed forces, universities, hospitals, research centers, and more. On average, the community reports more than 16 million attack signals daily and has already flagged 8M malicious IPs. Using our dynamic blocklist, users experience an instant reduction of over 90% in the number of incoming cyber attacks. 

With this new funding round, we plan to grow our team from 20 to 45 members, we will further develop our technical stack, ramp up revenue generation, expand our U.S. operations and further grow our worldwide network of protected, collaborating machines from several hundred thousand to millions.

Even in my wildest dreams, I would have never thought we could achieve so much in so little time. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my team, partners, our courageous and visionary investors, our customers, followers, and unique user community. Your support and trust drive us forward in our goal to entirely rebuild the foundations on which cybersecurity was built, making the internet a safer place for all. 

So let’s do it. Let’s make the Internet safer. All Together.

Philippe Humeau, CEO & co-founder of CrowdSec