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The CrowdSec Console: from private to public beta

Do you want to inspect multiple CrowdSec agent signals spread across different networks and discover more about your attackers?

We are happy to announce that, although still in beta, it is now available to all. Not only can you enroll all your instances, but also monitor the alerts sent to the CrowdSec community.

This private-public transition also takes visualization to the next level through the visualizer. You will be able to go deeper into your alert data, segment it by period, scenario, IP, AS, geography, instance agent, or event tags. Observability has always been a critical pillar of our open-source tool, and we aim to keep improving it via this new release. 

Take a look right below and check out the new visualization features!

From now on, you can visualize all your data very quickly and better understand your attackers to react accordingly—all of this in a blink of an eye.

Wanna test it? Sign up here.

About the author

Lucas is the designer of the CrowdSec console. Formerly CTO in various companies, one of the first Prestashop developers, he started coding before turning 10. With 15 years of experience, he joined CrowdSec last year as Lead Web Developer. 

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