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Product news

New packages & repositories: CrowdSec v1.1.x is out!

Today, along with the release of CrowdSec v1.1.x, we are happy to announce that we moved to Package Cloud, a cloud-hosted package distribution.

What does that mean? We are now distributing more packages! Alongside existing ones for Debian and Ubuntu (Bionic, Bullseye, Buster, Focal, Stretch, Focal for x86-64 & arm), we now provide packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Amazon Linux (el/7, el/8, fc/33, fc/34, Amazon Linux/2 for x86-64 & Arm).

But that's not all! We also added similar RPM and Debian package support to our firewall bouncer and custom bouncer.

As you may know, packaging is painful and leads to a lot more swearing than one might admit, but it is absolutely critical. Previously, it was done directly through GitHub Actions, but we faced reproducibility issues and overall difficulty performing functional testing on non-amd64 platforms. Consequently, we switched over to AWS CodeBuild & CodePipeline, allowing (amongst other things) to perform proper functional testing on various operating systems & architectures.

Various improvements have been made regarding CrowdSec itself: most notably, the data acquisition process has been revamped, adding support to CloudWatch sources. Also, CrowdSec can now act as a syslog server, paving the way to add a lot more data sources in the future.

You can check this more comprehensive how-to guide to help you get started with this new version.

The CrowdSec console: we value your feedback

You will notice the addition of a new command: cscli console enroll. Indeed, our brand new console is currently in private beta, and we are looking for feedback! Want to give it a try and share yours? Click here. You can access the console by clicking here.

Don't forget to update repositories' URLs and enjoy these new packages! The “old” repository (S3 bucket used as a repository) will no longer be updated and will be decommissioned within a few weeks or months.

Are we missing your favorite distribution packages or architecture? Please open an issue, drop a message on Discourse or stop by our Gitter chat and let us know!

PS: The PackageCloud team is supporting FOSS projects by providing free repositories. Check them out!

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