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crowdsec makes silicon valley more secure

Silicon Valley Just Got More Secure — CrowdSec Has Landed

CrowdSec’s mission is simple — we want to make actionable threat intelligence and proactive cybersecurity accessible to all. Simple, however, does not mean easy. 

To achieve our goals, we must extend the outreach of the CrowdSec network to one of the biggest cybersecurity communities in the world — the US market. The digital density of the US is incomparable and our network will grow massively as a direct outcome of CrowdSec’s adoption in the country.

The CrowdSec mission

CrowdSec’s mission has remained resolute since day one — to outnumber cybercriminals worldwide using the power of the crowd.

The CrowdSec team is genuine in our desire to help every business, every organization, and every developer around the world protect themselves against the growing numbers of cybercriminals and the exponential automation capacity AI is offering them. We believe in creating an open source product and a network that will outlive us all. 

Education is the cornerstone of that endeavor to help protect every business, organization, and developer on the planet. We want to show the world the power of the crowd and educate on the importance of proactive security. The launch of the CrowdSec Academy is testimony to carrying this mission forward. CrowdSec is as much a product as it is a toolbox. It is pre-configured to fulfill most common needs, but it can also be tailored to any custom needs. The Academy is here to show you how.

Facing competition head on

Innovation is an integral part of the CrowdSec identity. Although we are not by any means trying to reinvent the wheel, we are most certainly finding new ways to use the wheel. The concept of crowdsourced security is not new. However, we are the first to deliver it in the form of a global, open source network of networks with force and determination.

The common cybersecurity narrative these days is straightforward — a security superhero against a world of cybercriminals. But there is only so much a superhero can do alone, and cybercriminals will always win in numbers. 

We offer a tool to change this narrative.

As more and more organizations grow and scale their applications, they also inevitably increase their attack surface. Staying on top of a constantly changing attack surface and keeping assets secure takes a crowd.

CrowdSec landing at Black Hat USA and DEFCON 2023

The US market helped define today’s global digital ecosystem. Being receptive to the needs of the US cybersecurity market is critical to the success of our community which is built on the US-defined MIT standard. 

That is why we are so eager to share with the world all our initiatives in the US, including the sponsorship of all the key industry conferences in the US — Black Hat, DEFCON, RSAC, and more. Case in point, next month, we will be at Black Hat USA and DEFCON! 

Drop by Booth 2850 at Black Hat USA to learn more about how CrowdSec is shaping the future of proactive and collaborative cybersecurity, discuss the recent findings of our Majority Report or check out the CrowdSec Academy. If you are attending the Omdia Analyst Summit on 8 August — the CISO theme this year is Cybersecurity: Maximum Attention, Minimum Budget — join our sponsored panel on the Acronym Soup of Cybersecurity.

Are you only attending DEFCON? No worries. The CrowdSec team will be there! This year, we are sponsoring the Packet Hacking Village, home of The Wall of Sheep, and we are looking forward to meeting all of you, so don’t be shy and come say hello!

Oh, and if you’re driving past the Bay Bridge (past the 4th Street exit), keep your eyes peeled for the CrowdSec Alpacas! 👀It takes a network to fight a network.

See you all there!

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