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Version 1.3.0 of CrowdSec is out!

This article describes the features and improvements in v.1.3.0 of CrowdSec. It introduces the updates of CrowdSec cybersecurity solution and provide pointers to additional information.

Today, we’re releasing version 1.3.0 of CrowdSec.

What's new in this release

This release brings the support of Kinesis as a data source. While we were already supporting CloudWatch in the AWS universe, this data source suffers various limitations that don’t make it very fit when it comes to processing significant throughput of events (mostly related to the hardcoded quotas).

Another major change is the ability to push signals from tainted scenarios, custom scenarios, and even manual actions. With the Сonsole now more and more widely used (we’ve crossed the thousand users mark!), this change was due date and quite heavily requested.

Although this one is still teasing for now, the last significant change is the ability for lists subscriptions! It’s another heavily requested feature, and while the front-end part (console) is still in the doings, this feature includes most of the relevant code, so that no upgrades will be needed to enjoy it once it’s out. This will provide the ability to subscribe to 3rd party lists (ie. AlienVault OTX, Tor exit nodes, Spamhaus etc.) directly from the Console.

As usual, this release brings various bug fixes (see release notes), with notably better support for non-UTC time zones.

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