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We are here to help make the internet safer

The CrowdSec community goes far beyond just tutorials and documentation. We’re a herd built to share and collaborate with each other to outnumber the bad guys once and for all.

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Free Security Engine

Install our free open source security engine leveraging the collective intelligence of hundreds of thousands of other users to block malicious IPs before they attack.

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Hands-on Tutorials

Visit CrowdSec Academy to learn CrowdSec basics and setup, more advanced concepts, use cases, and everything else in between!
Earn badges to show of your progress.

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Ask the community

Join thousands of us on the CrowdSec Discord where you can ask questions, share answers and chat with fellow Alpacas.

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Contribute to the Herd

We are all safer when we work together. Here are a few ways you can help us grow the herd and make the internet safer for everyone.

Create scenarios

A scenario is a configuration file which allows modeling against behaviors from events captured in log files. These events are measured, compared, and correlated to determine a framework outside of which any activity will be considered suspicious. 

Do you have a specific scenario you want protection against? Help the herd and build it!

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Share your use case!

The community is interested in hearing your story - whether you are part of a large enterprise or just working on a fun personal project, we want to hear from you!  

We can help you prepare a piece of content, whether that’s a blog, tutorial, talk or more, so that you can share your story with our community.

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