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crowdsec and bunkerweb integration

Introducing the New CrowdSec and BunkerWeb Integration

The foundations of our philosophy at CrowdSec lie in the collaborative nature of cybersecurity, emphasizing shared efforts in detecting, protecting against, and validating threats as swiftly and accurately as possible.

At the core of this community-driven approach is the CrowdSec Security Engine, along with CrowdSec’s expert system that validates bad actors and shares data back in real-time about the most aggressive and active attackers to all the network participants. Third parties with detection solutions can join the community and benefit from CrowdSec’s expert systems and the advanced CrowdSec Console features. 

Last week, we announced our new partnership with Bunkerity and the integration of CrowdSec and BunkerWeb and in this article, I’d like to share a few thoughts on this alliance and showcase the mutual benefits for both companies and their communities.

Introducing Bunkerity and their containerized security solution, BunkerWeb

Bunkerity, a key player in cybersecurity, offers a robust containerized security solution known as BunkerWeb. This product is designed to provide an extra layer of security by shielding web applications from various cyber threats through isolation and sandboxing techniques. BunkerWeb now integrates seamlessly with CrowdSec's platform, enhancing its capabilities in threat detection and response.

To learn more BunkerWeb and to get started, visit the official BunkerWeb website and documentation

Here’s to a new open security partnership

The driving forces behind our collaboration with the BunkerWeb team include our common open security DNA and our goal to make the internet a safer place. The collaboration was initiated around the CrowdSec Console, which offers significant enhancements for BunkerWeb users in alert monitoring, reporting, and park management. But this collaboration does not stop here. We are working hard to bring more value to both CrowdSec and BunkerWeb users, and we have some interesting features in the making.

Two much-anticipated features are the ability to share personalized blocklists with other users, supplemented by a custom curation by CrowdSec’s expert system, and provide users with real-time malicious activity notifications, both incoming and outgoing, via the am I under attack? and am I attacking? features.

Enrolling BunkerWeb with CrowdSec

It’s now possible for BunkerWeb users to enroll their BunkerWeb instance and visualize their BunkerWeb signals directly through CrowdSec’s platform. 

This integration not only simplifies management but also enhances the overall security posture by leveraging collective intelligence and real-time data. For more details on these features, check out the announcement on the BunkerWeb Blog and learn how to enroll your BunkerWeb instance in the CrowdSec Console.

Leveraging BunkerWeb signals for enhanced defense

In addition to adding new participants to the CrowdSec Network, BunkerWeb contributes uniquely through its own defense scenarios.

These new scenarios are not just additive; they allow CrowdSec’s data science team to craft enhancements to the expert system.

CrowdSec handles this added diversity by training new attack behavior models and validating some of the existing ones already employed by the AI side of their expert system. As we are constantly looking for ways to improve our data collection methods, this process ensures that the integration of BunkerWeb expands the scope of threats that can be detected and refines the accuracy of existing detection mechanisms, helping us constantly enhance our CTI and strengthen the CrowdSec Network through inclusion.

Here’s to the future

The strategic partnership between CrowdSec and Bunkerity through the BunkerWeb integration stands as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative cybersecurity. By merging BunkerWeb’s unique signals into CrowdSec’s broad network, both companies enhance their capabilities and deliver superior protection to their user communities. This synergy not only fortifies individual defensive strategies but also reinforces the entire network against emerging cyber threats, illustrating the transformative potential of shared intelligence in cybersecurity.

We are both eager to evolve and grow this partnership to further serve both our communities in the future, so please stay tuned! 

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