CrowdSec is going to Black Hat 2022: come say hello and win prizes

From 7 August, a part of the CrowdSec staff will arrive in Las Vegas for a few days. A team building to try our luck at Ceasars Palace, drive monster trucks, or steal the money from Bellagio’s safe? No Sir. 

For the global Infosec community, Vegas in early August means 3 things: Black Hat, DEFCON & BSides (and unbearable heat). There is no more significant opportunity to meet so many people, companies, and professionals seeking the same goal: making the Internet a safer place (although some of the attendees’ top hobby is to break things too :)). This giant gathering of the greatest minds, researchers, and actors of the sector couldn’t be missed. After 2 years of exponential growth, we decided to take the leap, cross the ocean and make our grand debut at Black Hat Las Vegas. Several good reasons for that.

America loves CrowdSec

The #1 CrowdSec country in software adoption and usage is the United States of America (followed by France, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom). It is a no-brainer that we must finally meet our users in real life. We have been waiting for this moment for too long. To ensure we are easily identifiable, we will have a booth to welcome you (IC55 in the Innovation City space). You will have the opportunity to meet with the founders and core developers of the tools for a chat, a demo, or a drink (some of our sales & marketing people will be around too, but they are kind of nice). 

And since remaining completely sober while in Las Vegas would sound a bit off, expect some drinks and snacks at the booth when the end of the day approaches. Always a good moment to share the findings recently discovered. 

We have done a lot of research and want to share it with you

Cyber security is one of the few fields where money doesn’t make a difference. Every day, states and billion-dollar companies get hacked by groups of criminals. If you ask us what our core advantage is against cyber criminals, our answer is clear: numbers. 

Two years after its initial release, CrowdSec now counts tens of thousands of users in 170 countries, witnessing continuous aggression from rogue IPs. What do they see? What are the trends and eye-openers of this unique experiment? To share all these key takeaways with you, our CEO, Philippe Humeau, will host an Innovation Session, of which you can find the details below:

  • Title: The Age of Collaborative Security – what tens of thousands of machines witness
  • Date and time: Wednesday 10 August at 3:35 pm (20 minutes)
  • Location: Theater C – Business Hall
  • Tracks: Data & Collaborative Security, Infrastructure Protection

The Arsenal team has also invited us to host a talk to present the open-source part of our project: our collaborative Intrusion Prevention and Detection System (the CrowdSec Agent, in short). Attending this session will be an excellent way to learn more about the tool from a technical perspective, see how it can help you secure your IT assets, and interact with the team since we will have the floor for 90 minutes.

  • Title: CrowdSec – the network effect of cybersecurity 
  • Date and time: Thursday 11 August at 2:30 pm (90 minutes)
  • Location: Arsenal Station 8 – Business Hall
  • Tracks: Incident response, network defense

We also want to give you some love (read goodies & prizes)

Las Vegas is all about entertainment, and we will make no exception to this tradition. The booth will be full of custom-made CrowdSec goodies, swag, stickers, and more surprises, just for you. We were not allowed to bring a living alpaca but expect some cool stuff nonetheless.

We will also offer you the opportunity to participate in 3 different contests and win prizes such as a Playstation 5, a Meta Quest 2, or a DJI Mini 3 Pro drone.

Passport to Prizes

You will be provided with a passport at registration. All you have to do is visit our booth space for a stamp to enter our drawing that will happen at the end of the event and get a chance to win a Meta Quest 2. Easy, right?

Alpaca Photo Contest

As you may or may not know, we have a thing for alpacas. They even invaded our logo. So we like to see them everywhere. And this is where you can help. We will come to Black Hat with a handful of extremely fluffy alpaca plush toys. The game’s rules will be simple: stop by our booth to collect yours, take a picture of it in the boldest Las Vegas location you dare, and post it on Twitter (more instructions will be shared with you by our team at the booth). The jury’s favorite one will grant its author a DJI Mini Pro drone (not a picture of it, a real one). With your help, let’s turn Las Vegas into Las Vegalpaca. 

Puzzle Solving and Lucky Draw

We all like puzzles in our community. So we have designed our own for you to crack it. You will just have to stop by our booth, solve the puzzle, submit your answer in the raffle box and come back at the end of the show for the big lucky draw. The winner will bag a Playstation 5 home. We will pick more winners who will get more gifts. 

You can join us even if you are not planning to come to Las Vegas 

You got it right: we have a lot planned at Black Hat this year.

If you are not planning to come to Las Vegas but still want to see some alpaca action: stay tuned. We will stream our adventures live at — and around — the Las Vegas Strip with our friends from ITSPmagazine Magazine. You want to enjoy an insightful conversation we are having? It will be shared. Want to see some parts of our talks? It will be shared. Our CEO gets arrested in his alpaca suit?  It will be shared because that’s what we do! Threat intelligence but much more. 

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in a few days. Feeling like attending one of our games, having a chat, learning more about our talks and tools, or just needing an extra t-shirt for a party you are invited to? You know where to find us: Booth IC55.

If you would like to book a meeting in advance with us or express interest in one of our games or talks, give us a shout! Contact us at 👉 or by submitting a contact form here.

See you soon.

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