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CrowdSec joins the Alliance for Digital Trust (ACN)

CrowdSec is now a proud member of the Alliance for Digital Trust (ACN - Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique).

The Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique (ACN - Alliance for Digital Trust) represents organizations (world leaders, SMEs, and mid-sized enterprises) in the digital economy, particularly those specializing in cybersecurity, digital identity, and artificial intelligence. The ACN brings together companies providing services, solutions, and technologies that limit risk and therefore increase trust. ACN members comprise a hundred industry leaders, including Orange, Thales, ANSSI, Sekoia, and AIRBUS.

This alliance strengthens and further extends CrowdSec’s mission to bring a collaborative aspect to security enabling individuals and companies to protect each other while protecting themselves. With its open-source and collaborative intrusion prevention system, CrowdSec promotes the need for cybersecurity to be accessible to everyone and the need to collaborate to strengthen security globally.

This partnership allows CrowdSec to increase collaboration with the main French and European players in the digital trust ecosystem and to contribute to the consolidation of the security industry in France.

In the field of DIgital Trust, France boasts highly efficient industrial cooperation and internationally recognized excellence thanks to the various dynamic operators in the sector. According to the 2020 ACN Observatory of digital trust, there are approximately 2,134 companies in the sector generating a turnover of nearly 13 billion euros in France in this fast-growing sector (8.8% average annual growth in France over the period 2014-2019).   

Together with other members of the Alliance, CrowdSec provides a technological response in the areas of security, technological sovereignty of France, and its industrial competitiveness. The collaboration with ACN accelerates technological, standards-based, and industrial solutions and services on their way to building a stronger trust in the digital world.

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