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Arturo, also a member of the Fail2ban development team, joins CrowdSec as an ambassador

We are happy to share that Arturo Busleiman joins our ambassador roster.

Arturo is a 39-year-old programmer and security consultant from Argentina who has dedicated his life to promoting and developing open source software. His first foray into Linux began in 1995 when he downloaded mini-Linux from a BBS.

Since then, he has contributed not only to a myriad of projects (Nmap, Samba-Vscan, Fail2ban, Audacity, to name a few) but also created tools of his own such as Enigform, Jiffy, Hume, Wordpress-updater, Fail2ban-cluster and Openpgp-requests. He has performed as technical reviewer for a number of specialized information-security books, as well as author for the Unix Security chapter of the OISSG ISSAF program and SANS TOP-20, as well as a project leader for OWASP. He enjoys talking in public, and has done so in various conferences worldwide. A musician and comedian by nature, his interests expand to sci-fi writing and international relations & government work.

Arturo will help us grow our community by raising global awareness, mostly in South America. He will also bring his expertise to contribute to the project from a technical standpoint.

Welcome Arturo!

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to become a CrowdSec ambassador, please email us here.

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